The IB Curriculum: The Gold Standard In Modern Education

How is the IB curriculum different from other curriculums in India

 Why pursue my child’s education in an IB school?  What is that “extra” in an IB school? How is Pana Global School different from other schools? These are the most common doubts that pop up in the mind of any parent or student in today’s digital savvy, intellect world. The parents are literally confused while making a choice in between IB school and other affiliated schools. Today, no institution of repute and quality can afford to sit on its laurels unless continuous improvements and decisive shifts are engineered to attain global reputation.

 YES, apprehensions aside, we welcome you to PANA GLOBAL SCHOOL, the school in Mangalore where IB curriculum has been implemented (candidacy for IB proposed). The school is a multi-ethnic, eco-friendly institution with a strong intellectual heartbeat, an unequivocal commitment to social service and an international outlook.  

 More than teaching, PANA GLOBAL SCHOOL emphasize on organic learning, through an experiential and analytical approach. In contrary to the learning by mugging up, the IB education gives the students a first-hand feel on an investigative methodology that any other medium schools fail to convey.

 PANA GLOBAL SCHOOL is secular and is open to students from all states, irrespective of socio-economic backgrounds, castes, and religions. Students and faculties from varied culture, country, race, and ethnicity work as a team here. We aim to develop an open-minded, socially committed, outstanding leaders in all walks of life who can contribute to creating a better and peaceful world. Same time, we take care to uphold India’s rich heritage, traditional values, and diverse history, while fostering international mindedness. Besides academic excellence, the IB school culture encourages students to be creative, daring to take risks and challenges and be exemplary in providing resolutions. Here, leadership is taught within the school’s curriculum and the topics range from academics to food, library, arts, sports, yoga, music, clubs, society, technology, and artificial intelligence.

 Make an investment in PANA GLOBAL SCHOOL and enjoy the many dividends in life. From the moment the student enters the school gates, he gets to realize who he is; and where his potential lies. Our system of education and training are daily administered, monitored and delivered by experienced and academically accomplished faculties, who aims at mentoring scholars than merely preach. The greatest strength of the school springs from the quality of human relationships which fructifies from the sense of companionship, sense of community that helps to develop and nurture friendships that will sustain beyond the school life to pleasant Alumni meetings.

PANA GLOBAL SCHOOL has a beautiful campus; set in a sprawling 100 acre, in the green certified city of Mangalore – one of India’s upcoming smart cities. The school is hardly 20 minutes from Mangalore International Airport and is easily accessible by road, rail or air. The school is most fortunate to be able to offer its students an ambiance to fresh air, a safe, clean, green, peaceful and respectful, value-based environment that is devoid of politics and painful pranks. Our boarding facility is spacious, secure and comfortable. Students are provided with nutritious and hygienic food (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian) combined with quality and excellence. We train our students in social pedagogy to work within pastoral care. The school adopts open wisdom, where each day turns out to be a discovery and reflection of knowledge and experience. Our objective is to create a stress-free and Inquisitive environment for the academic and overall development of students and ensure adequate personal attention.

PANA GLOBAL SCHOOL has well experienced, skilled, dedicated, dynamic faculties with an international exposure. We have hi-tech labs, state of the art infrastructure and latest amenities to support our training. Our teachings are not just confined to the four walls of class rooms but spread across practical and interactive sessions and weekly industry orientation to make the students smart and professional by the time they graduate. Our motive is to bring a revolution in the system of education in line with the potential and diversity of each student.

The benefits of an IB curriculum for your child

PANA GLOBAL SCHOOL mentors your child with Conceptual learning, Competency learning, and Character learning. Besides learning, it contributes towards your child’s personal growth, professional growth and his social commitment towards the progress of the nation.

 Unlike other schools, PANA GLOBAL SCHOOL equips and empower your child with not only academic skills but presentation skills, analytical skills, public speaking skills etc., which have become a part and parcel of future jobs. Here, your child is given case studies, analytical reasoning, group discussions, team works, essay writing, conceptual application, and activities meeting deadlines etc., which help him to explore his potential and passion, thus identifying the core calibre in him.

 PANA GLOBAL SCHOOL provides your child a more rigorous, detailed and competitive programme in comparison to other schools. The platform gives your child a multi-disciplinary education, with creative thinking skills and a broader perspective on the subjects studied. The IB school pays personal attention to your child’s diverse learning needs and activities. Our daily monitoring and tracking system makes way to his timely improvement. The change is good if you want your child to be an inquisitive, knowledgeable and caring citizen. With Parent support, we can mould your child to become an international iconic personality.

 We, at IB school, allow flexibility in all subjects. Your child can choose the subject of his interest, which would help him in turning out to be more productive. He will have free access to whatever resources he may require and the courses and examinations are designed to maximize his understanding of the course materials.

 All IB schools are recognised internationally and your child will get the benefit to enrol for courses that allow him to earn college credits while finishing school, anywhere in the world.

Therefore, PANA GLOBAL SCHOOL not only take care of your child’s all-round development but also his mental ability to withstand the odds and pressures of life, which is the need of the hour and the present age as well.

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