Let’s Revolutionize Education in Mangalore


Quantity matters only when there’s Quality! Today, we are in a global age and with the advancement of technology and changing mindset of our younger generation, it’s time to make a revolutionary twist in the present conventional system of education and we at Pana Global School foster an education beyond the four walls where your child is imparted with the 5 main qualities of ABCDE, that is Attitude, Basics, Care, Design, and Execution.   

Different approach to impart knowledge The first quality that we inculcate in our system is the Attitude towards education. Our faculties are supportive and understanding rather than demanding. We encourage open-mindedness, risk-taking, creativity and thinking outside the box.  We provide a pressure free ambience, with a shoulder to accept and correct mistakes, because we believe that “to err is human” and progress in learning is possible only through trial and error. Second quality is the expectations regarding the Basics. Instead of assuming that your child has an elementary knowledge,  we give him a review session on “how to apply what he learnt from theory to real life situations”, which strengthens his existing knowledge. Third change is, Pana Cares for your child by providing a student-centric approach, where he is able to express and discuss any questions or seek advice from any of his teacher,  wherever needed. Design is another important element that we promote. Our Analysis based education (not exam based) and DIY experiments are designed to suit your child’s analytical ability. These circumstances motivate him to learn better and work to his full potential. The last point is Execution, which is nothing but implementation of all the above 4 qualities.

We, at Pana Global School, introduced activities, like “Place value of numbers” through a story followed by placing ‘number quantity’ on the place value chart. The Children discussed the exercises with their peer to communicate their final understanding on place value, its expanded form, number form etc.


Nature is our very first key base to effective teaching and learning in schools. Pana Global School provide you a safe, clean and positive environment. Spacious activity areas, Educative experts and a comprehensive library are the amenities on the campus. We focus on the all round development of your child along with his co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Our lush green campus is designed for stress-free and interactive learning in a natural environment.

Personalized learning

What is lacking is not much with the system but with us as people. The Human aspect of education is all lost to us. Nobody teaches your child to be empathic but to be competitive and focussed on one thing …Marks, Scores and Grades…

At Pana Global School, we create an open environment where teachers provide the children with opportunities to  talk and write more, than giving passive lectures.


Knowledge and Intelligence are not synonymous! That being said, any education reform must go hand in hand with innovation to motivation and we at Pana, encourages personalised learning by way of learning from their mistakes, seeking  on their own to find the answer, learning things based on value, moving  a bit out of their scheduled curriculum to areas that delight them and picking up the essential objectives of the subject matter on a  priority basis.

Join Pana Global School in our revolutionary drive to help in the upliftment of your child’s social, intellectual, moral, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and mold them into global citizens. Towards meeting this, we expect a ‘friend, guide and philosopher’ kind of attitude from the parents and teachers.

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