How to Choose the Best School for Your Child


“Education is not the preparation of life but life in itself”, a famous quote from John Dewey.

With a number of schools mushrooming in cities day by day, it has become a tough decision for parents regarding the choice of best schools for their children, as there are infinite options in education beyond the public school down the street today. As much the thought is pride evoking, that much tiring is the process of finding the best school for your child since it requires an extensive planning and research and a bit of hard work.

Every child is unique and selecting the best school is a precursor to your child’s future and dreams. Thus, the process is worth your time and testing, how much ever laid back or busy you are. With a recent survey done, it is found that IB schools in cities (Pana) are trending more among parents as compared to other board schools. The code of conduct in these IB schools is really impressive. These schools emphasize on value-based learning, through an experimental, investigative and analytical approach. As against the existing system of by heart learning, the IB schools explore the concepts that books normally fail to convey.

While you go searching the best school for your child, keep in view the following 4 points:

    1. What you expect a school to do for your child: Very few Schools are there in India that thinks in terms of both personal and academic achievement, inspiring children to excel in their studies and in their personality development. In a school educational module, teaching everywhere is within four walls, but it matters how the student is being taught. So, ensure that the school focus on the all-round development of your child along with his co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Search for a centre,  where the teacher student ratio is somewhere under the category 1: 15, so that your child gets personal attention and care as well.
  • Gather information about the school: Similarly, while researching schools, one may have to make phone calls, gather information from different schools, friends, relatives, articles and publishings through online sites. You will want to know about school behavior policies, their safety and services. Parents may also wish to consider the school’s post-academic programs like, sports, clubs, tutoring, or academic enrichment. Ensure that the school has all these amenities combined with experienced faculties, with human aspect and international exposure. (Pana)
  • Visit personally and observe the extras: Visit the schools you are interested in. Have a know-how of their infrastructure,  facilities and the faculties. Ensure that the school has good connectivity to the road, rail and air. Ensure that the school has a safe, clean and an eco-friendly ambiance with good hygienic food. Search for an environment that imparts stress-free and interactive learning, spacious activity areas, educative experts and a comprehensive library.

Once you end up identifying the best school that constantly ventures out to outdo itself by raising standards to meet the demands of every generation that understand its role as the caretaker of the world it inhabits, then that is best school for your child.

At Pana Global School, we believe in creating an environment where there is a shared passion and enthusiasm for teaching, achieving and being together.  We believe that the best way to educate young minds is to get them involved. That is why we fully encourage and practise an extremely hands-on approach to learning. At Pana Global School, learning extends beyond  four walls of the classroom.

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