International Baccalaureate®

Pana Global School believes in creating internationally minded lifelong learners with a zeal to be caring, compassionate and balanced action takers.

The methodology:

Through ‘inquiry-based teaching and learning’, children make use of opportunities to independently research and take responsibility for their learning. As they inquire and learn, children become mindful of their actions and develop attitudes important for their personal-social growth. 

Differentiated teaching and learning, make Pana stand out among the  top 10 schools in India. The methodology is implemented throughout the child’s academic journey, which includes differentiation in teaching, assessing and presentation of their ideas. With the guidance of the facilitators, they experience/posses the freedom to discover, observe, analyse, synthesise, record, organise, present and reflect on their learning. 

Application of knowledge, beliefs and values in their day to day life is given the highest priority, this in-turn gradually develops their social and emotional intelligence as well. Children graduate from the primary level with a natural curiosity to acquire knowledge, building on the beliefs and values and inspiring the world around them.

Learning areas:

Transdisciplinary teaching and learning is implemented in developing child’s skills. Children enjoy and involve themselves in the following learning areas:

  • Science, Social, Mathematics and English
  • Additional Language I: Kannada/Hindi/ French
  • Additional Language II: Kannada/Hindi/ French   
  • Visual and performing arts
  • Physical Education
  • Information Technology